I want to have a logo and a website created. What information do you need from me and how much will it cost?
Let us know as much information as possible about your project(s) of interest and budget. It's also important to have a clear understanding about your business, its goals and your target market. Based on our discussion, we will then create an estimate for you.
I’m ready to get started, now what?
Let us know what project(s) you would like to move forward with. Some projects may require a contract agreement and deposit..
How do I check the progress of my job?
We are very good at keeping you in the loop and responding to your e-mails promptly. But if you need to ask us a question right away, someone is always here to take your call.
What if I don't like the designs you create?
We try hard to get it right the first time by designing for your target audience. But sometimes it takes a better understanding of your business and its goals. Good design depends on good feedback. Be specific about what you perceive as a design problem -- we value your input (positive or negative). Keep in mind that we aren’t necessarily designing for you, but for your potential customers. Ask yourself questions like, “Will this design appeal to my target audience? Will they understand my business clearly, and is it easy for them to navigate through the site?” We base your estimate on a defined number of hours. If we are required to develop a quantity of concepts above the total number outlined in the estimate; we will need to revise your agreement.
Do I need to pay up front?
Depending on the scope of work, a deposit may be required. For web design, 50% is required up front and 50% after the website is live.
What type of payment do you accept?
Check or credit card
Graphic Design
Do you have any finished samples that I can look at in person?
You bet! We have a variety of samples for you to thumb through when you visit our office. You can also visit our portfolio HERE.
I have some marketing materials that were created several years ago and would like to have them updated. Can you do that?
Yes, we can refresh the look of your materials while still keeping the brand consistent.
When and how do I get to see a proof of my project?
Once we have created a concept, we will e-mail a low resolution file to you for review and give us feedback.
How will I receive my design once completed?
It depends on the type of project but we can supply the formatted electronic files to you through e-mail or CD.
I want to have a brochure created and then printed. Do you provide printing services?
Yes. We have forged relationships with a wide range of printers, both locally and nationally, who offer top quality printing at reasonable prices. We leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver your print project on time and on target.
Can I use my own printer?
You can choose your own printer, however we discourage the use of outside printers. Quality varies from printer to printer and we work with the best printers in the industry to insure quality with every job. Selecting your printer is "at your own risk
What's the difference between digital and press printing?
Press printing is the most commonly trusted, high-volume commercial printing technology. It offers higher image quality, works on a wide range of surfaces, and cost generally goes down as quantity goes up.
Digital printing has come a long way over the years, offering better quality and more options than in the past. Eliminating many of the mechanical steps required for conventional printing, digital printing offers short turnaround times on low quantities.
There are pros and cons to both types of printing, but we can help guide you on which is best for your project.
I want to put the logo you created on some pens as a promotional item. Do you provide promotional products?
Yes, we do. Promotional products are an excellent way to creatively and quietly get your name in front of potential clients, or to use as shameless gifts for current clients. We work directly with product sources that provide a diverse selection of promotional products from pens and koozies to cups and hats. Let us know what your desired product is and we can provide you with a quote.
Web Design
I have an existing website that is out of date. Can you modify it?
It depends on how the website was originally built and the scope of work to be modified. We would need to talk with you about what modifications you want and review the existing site files. Typically it's more cost effective to start over.
What are your rates for creating a website?
Every website is different, so talk to us about your budget and what your goals are for the site. We can provide an estimate based on your criteria, and suggest alternative options that you may not know were available to you. When you are ready to move forward, it is our policy that a contract agreement be signed. 50% will be required up front and 50% after the website is live.
What can I expect after signing the contract agreement to start my website?
In a nutshell...we first create static concepts, starting with just the home page. Once a design is approved, we will then create the other pages as listed in the main navigation. When the main navigational pages are approved, our programmers take over and build the layout of your website. A test site is setup for review. Content and other details are then placed. Your website can go live after final approval.
What do you need from me to begin the website?
If you already have an existing website or domain, we will need to know where the domain is registered, if you have e-mail addresses associated with your website, what browser you are currently using, and if you're on an exchange server or other mail server. Before we begin design concepts, it's important to have an in-depth conversation about your business and its goals with the website. We will work closely with you to determine how the site will be navigated and what type of content (text) is needed from you.
Do you provide hosting and email services?
Yes, we highly recommend that you let us host your website to avoid technical difficulties. We offer a range of annual hosting packages for sites of all sizes. Talk to us about our current rates.
My website does not come up first on a Google search. Why is that?
Your website is competing with thousands of other sites. We can help improve your visibility on the web through our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. SEO is the process and practice of optimizing your website so that it ranks well on search engine results pages. There are several options available for increasing your site's relevance; we'll help you decide which method(s) would work best for you.
Should I have Content Management on my website?
For those who frequently update information, such as news and images, this is a great way to have control over your content. We have a powerful, easy-to-use admin that can be customized to fit your specific needs.